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ASP.NET Web Slices is a framework for creating web slice enabled ASP.NET applications.

Web slices allow users to subscribe to specific content within a page, rather than the whole page (or site) like RSS. When clients detect a change in the content they can notify the user and display the updated slice in a small view pane in the browser.

The WebSlice control is used like an <asp:Panel/> control to wrap the contents of the web slice. The WebSlice control rendered output contains the necessary HTML and CSS classes to be recognised as a Web Slice.

Using ASP.NET Web Slices

When the WebSlices namespace is imported several extension methods are added to the System.Web.UI.Page class:
  1. SetDefaultWebSlice<TWebSlice>(TWebSlice slice) - this method allows developers to specify the default web slice if there are many on a single page.
  2. SetWebSliceDiscoveryMode(WebSliceDiscoveryMode mode) - this method allows developers to disable (or enable) web slice discovery for a page.

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